Positive Health and Wellbeing Activities

The Positive Health and Wellbeing Division offers an award and regular webinars where members can learn about and discuss new science and applications. The division is also active in the IPPA member community platform. The Division is committed to providing current scientific research and tools to help you flourish in your health and wellbeing. The division has a robust list of literature accessible to members.  

Award: We present the Contributions in Positive Health award at every biannual World Congress.

Education: We develop and promote educational events/resources, including webinars, recordings of relevant presentations, and articles

Engagement – We leverage the following channels for sharing plans, soliciting feedback and ensuring we have an actively involved (and growing) member base.

  • Communications: Sharing news and announcements via IPPA’s Monthly News Roundup (MNR) and member communications platform.  
  • Chance to Participate: Volunteering opportunities and invitations to present research and applications.
  • Feedback: Periodic town halls and surveys to share division plans and get member feedback.

Service – We will serve our members via the following program offerings.

  • Webinar Series
  • Opportunities to connect with other members
    • At the WC
    • At other conferences / gatherings
    • Locally, in geographies
  • Opportunities to connect to resources for professional practice and development
  • Opportunities to earn continuing medical education (new)

SIPPA’s Mentoring Program – We will publicize this opportunity to serve as a mentor to both the PH&W Leadership Team and Division members.

Membership Stats: Over 400 members of IPPA are members of the Positive Health and Wellness Division

Our desire is to grow an active membership that includes academics, researchers, health care professionals and clinicians, public policy makers and students.  Positive health, as a discipline, has tremendous potential to improve the health and wellbeing of humanity. Division membership will be open to Members, Associates, and Students of IPPA with an interest in positive health.