Membership Overview

Membership Overview

Become part of a global membership community

By joining the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA), you become a part of our global community (in close to 70 countries) consisting of academics, educators, scientists, researchers, clinicians, therapists, coaches, HR professionals, students, and more. You are not only investing in professional development or network, but the future of the field, helping advance scientific study and evidence-based ethical applications of positive psychology.

IPPA currently offers two membership types to the public including the professional status membership and a full-time student membership, which provides an incredible set of member benefits, including access to members-only webinars, seminars and events, discounts on IPPA programs, access to a vibrant online (and mobile) social ENGAGE community, networking with colleagues and peers, as well as a variety of additional resources, awards, professional development opportunities, and more. Click on one of the membership types to the right to explore membership.

As a member of IPPA, you gain access to resources and networks that can help in your professional development, in forming collaborations, in sharing and learning, and in staying up to date on happenings across the field of positive psychology.  You also receive member access to many of our programs and discounts to live “in-person” and virtual events.  To learn about benefits of IPPA membership, please visit the Member Benefits link.


Positive psychology in the world is growing.  Today, the science and practice of positive psychology is considered commonplace in our every day lives, in society, and across industries and sectors.

IPPA members gain reach and understanding, broaden their perspective, and learn from leaders shaping the future of the field. We serve as a convener and collaborator for organizations and individuals around the world, and work hard to ensure that our thousands of members always have access to and represent the very best levels of current knowledge in the field of positive psychology. To learn more about IPPA, click here.

Being part of IPPA is a chance to become part of something big; a global community of friends, peers, colleagues, supporters, and collaborators, all wanting to help other individuals and our communities to thrive.  

We look forward to welcoming you into the global IPPA community.