Positive Psychology National Organizations

The following are a positive psychology organizations that we have identified from around the world.  New programs have been appearing regularly, so this list is not exhaustive.  If you are affiliated with an organization that should be considered for inclusion here, please contact us.

(NOTE: IPPA may not be affiliated with or formally aligned with any of the institutions, universities, or organizations that are listed below; therefore, unless noted, we do not endorse, support, or recommend any programs of study that are listed below. This is for informational purposes only.).

Association for Positive Behaviour Support

·       URL: https://apbs.org/

·       Promotes positive behavior support practices to improve the quality of life for individuals and families.

Australian Positive Psychology Association (APPA)

·       URL: https://groups.psychology.org.au/ppig/

·       Promotes the theoretical and applied elements of a new area of psychology that seeks to understand and implement the conditions that allow individuals, groups and organizations to flourish. 

Austrian Positive Psychology Association (APPA)

·       URL: https://www.appa.or.at/

·       A national association in Austria dedicated to promoting the science and practice of positive psychology through workshops, conferences, and publications.

Brazilian Positive Psychology Association

·       URL: http://abp-positiva.org/

·       Focuses on advancing positive psychology in Brazil, offering resources and creating platforms for professionals to connect and learn.

Canadian Positive Psychology Association

·       URL: https://positivepsychologycanada.com/

·       Aims to improve the psychological health of Canadians through the research and application of positive psychology across the country.

Chilean Positive Psychology Association

·       URL: https://www.psicologiapositiva.cl/

Chinese Positive Psychology Development Association

·       URL: https://cppda.org/english/

·       The center is divided into four groups: administration, teaching, research and promotion, the vision is to help ourselves, others and the community to move towards happiness and fulfillment through positive psychology.

Czech Positive Psychology Center

·       URL: https://www.pozitivni-psychologie.cz/en/

·       The activities provided by the CPPC (conferences, workshops, seminars, lectures, research, international cooperation) are open to all professionals and students interested in positive psychology.

European Network for Positive Psychology

·       URL: https://enpp.eu/

·       Aiming to share knowledge and research on positive psychology with fellow researchers and all others who have an interest in the subject.

French Positive Psychology Association

·       URL: https://www.psychologie-positive.com/

·       Provides resources, research, and events related to the field of positive psychology in the French language.

German Positive Psychology Association

·       URL: http://dgppf.de/

·       A platform for research, practice, and education in positive psychology within Germany, hosting events and providing member support.

German-Speaking Association of Positive Psychology 

·       URL: https://dach-pp.eu/welcome/

·       Our aim is to promote the application of Positive Psychology in practice, e.g. in coaching, counselling and psychotherapy, leadership, teamwork and business, and in education.

Hellenic Positive Psychology Association (Greece)

·       URL: https://www.positiveemotions.gr/home

·       Encourages the study and application of positive psychology in Greece through conferences and collaboration among professionals.

Indian Positive Psychology Association

·       URL: https://nppassociation.org/

·       Promotes positive psychology in India by hosting events, sharing research, and connecting professionals across the country.

International Society for the Study of Child and Family Well-being

·       URL: https://issop.org/

·       ISSCFW is an interdisciplinary organization focused on research and practice related to child and
family well-being.

International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies

·       URL: https://www.psicologiapositiva.it/

·       ISQOLS is an interdisciplinary society dedicated to promoting research on quality of life, well-being, and happiness.

Italian Positive Psychology Society

·       URL: https://www.isqols.org/

·       Dedicated to the promotion and development of positive psychology in Italy through educational programs and community engagement.

Japan Positive Psychology Association

·       URL: https://www.jppanetwork.org/

·       Works to spread knowledge of positive psychology in Japan and supports research and practice in the field.

Latin American Positive Psychology Association

·       URL: https://appal.org.br/

·       Serves the Latin American community by disseminating positive psychology research and practices throughout the region.

New Zealand Positive Psychology Association

·       URL: https://www.positivepsychology.org.nz/

·       Committed to advancing the field of positive psychology in New Zealand, fostering well-being, and providing a supportive community for practitioners and researchers.

Polish Positive Psychology Association

·       URL: https://ptpp.org.pl/

·       Works to promote the ideas of positive psychology in Poland, integrating science and practice for the betterment of society.

Portuguese Association of Positive Psychology, Human and Societal Flourishing

·       URL: www.appfhs.pt

·       The Association is a non-profit association, whose purpose is to facilitate, inform and promote scientific research of quality and science communication in the area of positive psychology, well-being and happiness among people, communities and organizations, through ethical practice and professional conduct, in accordance with the highest national and international standards.

Spanish Positive Psychology Society

·       URL: https://sepsicologiapositiva.es/

·       Focuses on research, education, and practice in positive psychology within Spain, aiming to enhance individual and community well-being.

Swiss Positive Psychology Association

·       URL: https://www.swippa.ch/en/

·       Aims to support the application of positive psychology in various domains in Switzerland, including education, clinical settings, and organizations.

Venezuelan Positive Psychology Society

·       URL: http://svpsicologiapositiva.com/

·       Dedicated to promoting positive psychology in Venezuela through academic research and practical applications.

Western Positive Psychology Association

·       URL: https://wppanetwork.org/

·       Seeks to enhance the scientific understanding and effective practice of positive psychology in the Western regions.