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Importance of Positive Psychology

Importance of Positive Psychology

Traditionally, the primary focus of psychology has been to relieve human suffering.  Relieving suffering, however, is not the same as flourishing or thriving.  People want to move beyond mere survival; they want to build on their strengths to thrive and flourish.

The skills necessary for flourishing are different from the ones needed for coping with or alleviating suffering.  Removing disabling conditions is not the same as building enabling conditions that make life most worth living.  

Suffering and well-being are both part of the human condition, and psychology should and does care about each.  Positive Psychology emphasizes that human strengths, excellence, striving for achievement, thriving, and flourishing are just as authentic as human distress.  People want to cultivate the best version of themselves and to live a meaningful life.  They want to grow their capacities for love and compassion, creativity and curiosity, work and resilience, and integrity and wisdom.  The science and practice of Positive Psychology helps people achieve these goals.