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Health Division Publication

Health Division Publication

Chronicle of Advances in Positive Health and Wellbeing


The IPPA Positive Health and Wellbeing (PH&W) Division, publishes the Chronicle of Advances in Positive Health and Well-Being. The publication is dedicated to sharing with members insights into the latest research related to the current body of knowledge on health maintenance, total well-being, and illness prevention.

Submission Types

We are looking for articles in the following categories that relate to the division:

  • Short original scientific research studies, plus reference section, plus 250-word abstract.
  • Your abstracts (or extended abstracts up to 1,200 words) of relevant research articles in other journals already published or in press
  • Clinical reviews/best practices papers using evidence-based sources to enhance positive psychological training and best practices, and 250-word abstract
  • Written commentaries on either relevant papers in related journals, or about interesting issues to bring to the attention of positive psychology; plus reference section and 250-word abstract

We also welcome the following announcements and encourage members to post them autonomously in the discussion forums on the new IPPA Engage Member Community:

  • Announcements of new higher education positive psychology programs
  • Relevant worldwide meetings of interest to H&W members
  • Potential funding sources for research into positive psychology

Submission Requirements

We have expanded our Editors and Reviewer teams to be able to notify you within one month of your publication status. To help you in submitting your material, we have listed below the requirements of what you will use, similar to those used in many scientific publications:

  • All articles must be related to features of positive psychological interest (if in doubt, please inquire of Editor-in-Chief, Frederick Brown, Ph.D., at
  • All articles will be no longer than 1,200 words (plus reference section)
  • All manuscripts must be typed in Word, in Calibri or Times/Roman 10- or 12-point font
  • Formatting of all references in the text and the reference section must be in the APA Publication Manual (6th Edition) format
  • All abstracts must be placed above the document and include the complete title and authors’  names
  • Contact author with email must be listed separately just below the complete title and authors’ names
  • All figures, (tables, graphs, diagrams) must be high resolution images (at least 500x500px)
  • All figure text must be large enough to be easily read in reduced size
  • All figures must be laid out in your article in the order that you want them published
  • Make sure that all of your links to outside sources are hyperlinked
  • Upon acceptance of your article, plan to provide a short biosketch with a current self photo

Submission Process & Deadline

To submit content for the publication, please email We will accept submissions on a rolling basis.

Publication:  This newsletter is to be published twice yearly.

Given the wide range of our international audience, preference will be given to those submissions written simply and clearly in North American English, using typical manuscript formatting for American Psychological Association journals.


The Editors of the Chronicle of Advances in Positive Health and Well-Being assume no responsibility for statements and opinions advanced by the authors of its articles.

Any material that is directly or indirectly aimed to promote or advertise products or services will not be considered.