Positive Health and Wellbeing

The purpose of the IPPA Division of Positive Health & Wellbeing is to provide an organized, collegial, member-driven collaborative platform that shares scientific, clinical and practical tools for professionals involved in positive health (e.g., academics, researchers, clinicians, doctors and physicians, organizations, practitioners, consultants, coaches, etc.) in order to use positive psychology to advance human longevity, quality of life, and physiological and psychological wellbeing (including decreased morbidity).

  • The Division will promote exchange of information and networking.
  • The Division leaders will help make appropriate introductions to relevant researchers and scholars on the Board or within its network. 
  • The Division offers webinars and other learning events and has aggregated content specific to the science and applications of positive psychology as it relates to health and wellness. 

Anyone with interest in the link between positive psychology and health should join the division to stay up-to-date on educational events, research, and updated resources on the topic. Strengthen positive muscle memory using positive tools, and promote your well-being.

Our Mission:

The mission of the IPPA Positive Health & Wellbeing Division is to advance the science and practice concerning optimal human health and the positive and protective bio-psychosocial factors linked to it.  We seek to:

1) increase the dissemination of positive health research findings

2) improve the communication and collaboration among key stakeholders (such as researchers, clinicians, healthcare policy makers, and consumers)

3) foster the mentoring and development of future positive health researchers, clinicians, and policy makers; all on a global basis.


The Division has been the leading forum for exchange, collaboration, research, and best practices regarding the integration of positive health into the broader health/medical field. The Division strategy to accomplish this aim is by focusing on the following five objectives:

  1. Support positive health interventions for patients and health care providers through documenting research, including the impact of these interventions on current healthcare issues.  
  2. Collaborate across disciplines and organizations, with an emphasis on medicine and related healthcare disciplines, to develop an active understanding of positive health.
  3. Enhance communication by publishing results of key positive health studies in leading healthcare journals in order to promote best practices for positive health, with an international focus.
  4. Support and mentor both undergraduate and graduate students across all related fields and disciplines who have interests in positive health.
  5. Actively represent the interests of Positive Health to IPPA, so as to contribute to IPPA’s future policy development and interests, as well as to advance the development of IPPA as an established international organization.