Positive Health and Wellbeing

The Need:

Since COVID, communities are focused on responding to emerging, long-term physical, emotional,
and mental health challenges. Health inequity is a significant issue globally. Practitioners like those
who are members of IPPA are facing burnout and mental health fissures, impacting their lives and
the lives of the patients and clients they serve.

According to the Mayo Clinic State of Well-Being 2022-2023 Report:

  • 51% of health care employees reported heightened burn-out and lack of cohesion/ belonging, which diminishes psychological safety, loyalty, and productivity
  • 58% of employees reported emotional problems such as anxiety, depression, andirritability

In addition, according to the Gartner Future of Work research, 2022:

  • Employees are facing mental health fissures expressed through heightened stress and anxiety, exacerbated by the long-term physical and emotional impact of COVID on staff
  • Decreased performance and engagement
  • Exhausted workforce with 60% of employees reporting daily job stress
  • Competitive talent landscape

This is a vital time for the IPPA Positive Health & Wellbeing division to take an active leadership
role to bring together health care professionals, researchers, health educators, academics, and
students to share, create, and lead positive innovations that help people to lead lives with greater

Our Mission

Our Division is devoted to promoting, sharing, and celebrating Positive Psychology applications
that are making a significant impact on health and wellbeing. Working collaboratively, our Division
will leverage APPLIED Positive Psychology initiatives, interventions, and research to benefit
individuals, organizations, and systems.

Positive Psychology applications, research, and best practices are amplified when shared among
individuals in an open, diverse, and thriving community filled with numerous diverse individuals.

Recognizing this, we will activate and energize our division with the goal of recruiting and
welcoming 200 new members in the next 12 months.

Once our Division has hundreds of energized, motivated, inquisitive members motivated to hear
about the latest applications from experts in the field of Positive Psychology and share their own
insights with one another, then we will have achieved an expansive, energized, and robust
community that fosters camaraderie and collaboration.