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SIPPA (Students of IPPA)

Positive Clinical Psychology

Positive Clinical Psychology

The IPPA Positive Clinical Psychology Division provides an organized and collegial, member-driven, collaborative platform for clinicians, academics, researchers, and students to provide a shared context in advancing the research and practice in positive psychology for clinicians across fields. Our aim is to provide a shared context for clinicians to exchange knowledge, resources, and ideas for evidence-based practices.

Unique benefits of the IPPA Positive Clinical Psychology Division:

  • Virtual peer consultation group for practitioners that meets once per month, from September – November and from January – June.
  • Clinician-focused webinars given by experts from around the world.
  • A list of resources shared monthly for all members of the Division.
  • Opportunity to network with others who have similar interests.
  • A dedicated Division area in the IPPA online community platform.
  • Awards that are specific to the Division and area of focus.

The Division is ideal for members who are clinicians across fields, such as clinical psychology, counseling psychology, school psychology, social work, neuropsychology, school counseling, marriage and family therapy, and more.