Questions for consideration:

  1. Member Engagement: How do you plan to engage members through the IPPA Engage member community? Please include examples of how you will:
    • Identify, create, circulate high-quality resources (including those in Learning Library), including new research findings, research-based applications, case studies.
    • Engage members in exchange of ideas to advance collective learning and special initiatives, including providing opportunities to connect researchers and practitioners in dialogue.
    • Recognize & elevate exemplars who represent exceptional study or ethical application of PP.
    • Create an environment that welcomes, values, serves and effectively utilizes the various experience, perspectives, and voluntary contributions, of our diverse, global network.
  1. Congress Session & Activities: The World Congress budget will cover video recording of divisions’ one-hour program sessions and signage at the event. All other costs will need to come from the Division’s budget.
    • Identify the volunteer lead and volunteer teams responsible for the following:
    • Congress one-hour program session planning and on-the-ground execution (includes liaising with event management team for requested AV, signage)
    • Present division award
    • Division business meeting planning and on-the-ground execution

  2. Program/Resources: Please provide a brief description of how you will support the successful execution of your divisions’ program offerings.

  3. External Outreach: Describe any organization that you may want to collaborate with for membership drives, educational initiatives, or other potential partnerships or sponsorships. Please describe why and how you want to engage with each organization.

  4. Leadership/Governance: Please anticipate any volunteer roles you will need to recruit, as well as any additional training or support needed that would help you to manage your leadership team and operate effectively.