Staff and Leadership

Staff and Leadership

The International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA) works on behalf of thousands of members from over 70 countries around the world, and across fields and disciplines, to facilitate collaboration and promote the science, research, and the evidence based applications and practices of positive psychology.

The leadership of IPPA includes our international Board of Directors – a diverse governance and oversight team of members from multiple continents – and a Council of Advisors who provides decision support and direction to our management and operations staff. The present and future of our Association is driven by our Executive Director.

Day-to-day management of the Association is handled by a team of experienced professionals from across areas of finance, operations, membership, technology, event management, partnerships, and more, who are all dedicated to fulfilling our mission and advancing the field of positive psychology on a global basis.

Kris Peterson, Executive Association Manager/Interim Executive Director

Kris Peterson brings over 20 years of accounting, administrative systems, and communications support experience from across industries to the IPPA organization. She has the unique ability to manage demanding environments and deadlines with a keen understanding of the unique needs of members and volunteers worldwide. Outside of work, Kris is a dedicated mother to her daughters, and enjoys spending time at the lake, boating, and having fun with her family.

Image of Jenn Blees

Jenn Blees, Account Management Lead

Jenn Blees supports the day to day financial reporting and business operations needs of IPPA. Her ability to multi-task and to work under pressure to meet deadlines is an admired trait that continues to help IPPA deliver on its’ mission. She has worked across divisions to develop and implement, and measure KPIs and metrics, and provides vital reports that help to keep the operations integrated. When not working, Jenn loves spending time with her family and friends, baking, and playing tennis.

Image of Claire Doyle

Claire Doyle, Technology/Membership Lead

Claire Doyle brings over 20 years of experience to IPPA and provides management and oversight of the various technology initiatives and efforts across the association, as well as content management and editorial oversight. She has worked in various sectors of the business world, from independently owned family businesses, to multi-million dollar corporations, and brings a collaborative, inclusive approach to every project and program that she is involved in. Claire also helps the team by supporting “other duty” functions requiring coordination. When not working, Claire enjoys cooking, writing, and sewing new creations.

In addition to the team and support members outlined above, IPPA has also assembled a team of trusted experts in the areas of membership and operations support, technology management and custom programming support, and events planning and management to further assist the Association on a day-to-day basis to further our mission.