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SIPPA (Students of IPPA)

Leadership Team

Leadership Team

The leadership team (Executive Committee) of the SIPPA Division is focused on helping students flourish and thrive in the world of positive psychology. Their primary responsibilities include formulating policies and providing a degree of administrative oversight and direction for the Division as needed.

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Anastasia (Meixuan) Liu
President, Global Students Workshop Program Lead

Anastasia Meixuan Liu serves as the President within the Student Division of IPPA. Anastasia is currently a 3rd year undergraduate student at the University of Toronto. More

Her Signature Character Strengths are: curiosity, creativity, and social intelligence! She aspires to be a lifelong learner, teacher and researcher, with a dream to aid others in leading more fulfilling lives. Her research interests mainly encompass studies on wisdom, positive development, bi-cultural identity, motivation and more. Her hobbies include GuZheng, Tai Chi, Synchronized swimming, piano, combat sports, yoga, and badminton!

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Jennifer Martow
Mentorship Program Co-Lead, Global Students Workshop Program Coordinator

Jennie Martow serves as the Mentorship Lead within the Student Division of IPPA. More

She is a graduate student in Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology at the University of Guelph in Canada. Jennie contributes to the Resilient Youth Research Group with her research in positive education, growth mindset, goal-setting, schemas, and more!