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SIPPA (Students of IPPA)

Leadership Team

Leadership Team

The leadership team (Executive Committee) of the SIPPA Division is focused on helping students flourish and thrive in the world of positive psychology. Their primary responsibilities include formulating policies and providing a degree of administrative oversight and direction for the Division as needed.

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Patricia Groß

Patricia is a 5th year cognitive science student at the University of Osnabrück (Germany). More

One day, Patricia stumbled upon the science of well-being, and that was the start of her interest and passion in positive psychology. She is keen to learn and read all she can about positive psychology topics, particularly those about well-being. She is fascinated by learning ways to understand and pursue well-being.

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Tania Bello Remole
Strategy & Operations Lead

Tania is a doctoral student in Clinical Psychology (PsyD) at William James College in Massachusetts, USA. More

Tania’s objective for graduate studies in psychology is to acquire the skills necessary to treat behavioral health issues through an integrative lens. Her clinical interests include the science of well-being, health and behavioral medicine, dialectical behavioral therapy, and trauma-informed care. She is also interested in working with populations with multicultural differences, having been raised by a Peruvian mother and Belgian father. Before returning to graduate school, Tania worked within the pharmaceutical industry where she held roles in human resources, portfolio leadership, and business operations. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Fordham University in New York.

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Lisa Kamsickas
Immediate Past President

Lisa Kamsickas recently joined KLA as a recruiting coordinator on the university relations team. More

Prior to this role, she was involved in research with children with brain cancer at the University of Michigan. She is a master’s graduate of Northwestern University, where she studied how to increase positive emotion and how positive emotion can buffer against negative effects of stress. Though a Detroit native, she earned her undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of St Andrews in Scotland.