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Work & Org Division Presents Listen, Learn, Ask: Positive Work Conversations Post-Truth and Its Implications for Positive Psychology and the Workplace with Donald R. Officer

Speaker: Donald Officer

Date & Times: June 25 | 7:00pm ET (4:00pm PT/11:00pm GMT)

Member Price: $0

Non Member Price: $25

Access: Open to all

Event Type: virtual

The Work & Organizations Division is thrilled to announce its fifth Positive Work Conversation series with Donald Officer on June 25th at 7 PM EDT.


Post-Truth and Its Implications for Positive Psychology and the Workplace


The work world has already moved from an information to a knowledge culture. Factoids and data flood every aspect of our lives now. Mercifully, much is superficial, but some sticks as knowledge, or facsimile thereof. What purpose does questionable knowledge with at best an ever-shortening half-life, not to mention outright counterfactuals, dangerous implications, misleading distortions and highly dubious contortions serve? How reliable is whatever we retain or share? Contemporary life offers little time or dependable counsel to decide which notions or skills will be valued over time. We train professionals in sophisticated disciplines like engineering, computer sciences, accounting, project management, psychology etc. But what are the actual limits to anyone’s expertise? Where do other factors intrude? Right now, we are challenged by the encroachment of artificial intelligence, the threat of an increasingly unstable societies and the quickening advance of formidable climate change. Should we be anxious about the gaps between our chosen rate of response and the swirl of complexity? In this conversation we consider the risks we face, the strategies we must consider and the changes we will be making as individuals, leaders and organizations. Naturally, for IPPA members some of this ground will look familiar. Nevertheless, the conversation we’ll share should yield astonishment, probably a shiver or two, but also excitement over what lies ahead.


Non-members can join for a nominal fee of $25.


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