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Spirituality & Meaning Division – Scientific Speaker Series: Guest – Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman on The New Science of Self-Actualization

Speaker: Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman

Date & Times: April 04 | 4:00pm ET (1:00pm PT/9:00pm GMT)

Access: Members Only

Event Type: virtual

In this talk, Dr. Kaufman will discuss his latest research on what it means to live a self-actualized and transcendent existence. Drawing on his decades-long research on human potential, he will discuss why intelligence is a bad marker of human potential and discuss the neuroscience of creative brains. He will also discuss the main characteristics of “selfactualizing people” as well as the main characteristics of “transcenders”—those who regularly transcend their ego and ordinary concerns to realize a calling. He will conclude with a discussion of the latest science of “transcendent experiences” such as awe and other peak experiences and give a vision for a self-actualizing society where everyone’s needs are met— not just their basic needs, but also their higher spiritual needs.

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